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Creating the link between robots and humans

Robot Minds helps organizations to steer the transformation and embrace Intelligent robots. 


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New generation telepresence robot

Expand your reach

With a single click - meet up with remote clients, monitor overseas manufacturing, or consult with dispersed team members without traveling.

The art of telepresence technology - new GoBe robot soon available at Robot Minds.


Contact us already today to reserve yours or book a demo.

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*Robot Minds exclusive distributor of GoBe robots in Sweden

Today's reality

 We have entered a new decade, a new era, a new age of technology, a forth industrial revolution.

Robots move beyond the walls of production and warehouse facilities, they move straight to our everyday life. Intelligent robots will transform every industry on the planet, from security to retail, healthcare and beyond. 


Get ready to meet the new challenge.
Intelligent robots offer a path to push the digital world out into the physical one creating a great variety of opportunities and allow companies to scale and transform in remarkable ways. The implementation of smart robots will be the primary driver for companies' growth and success. Awareness of the latest developments in intelligent robotics and understanding impacts on the organization will be crucial for business leaders.

Our story

 Robot Minds is the world's first company to create a link between service robots and humans. We combine top-class technical competence with years of business practice to help companies embrace robotic technology with confidence. 

Whether you are searching for a solution for retail, education, healthcare, or reception, we are here to help you.
If you never considered robotics for your business, now it is the right time to jump aboard.


Our services

Providing knowledge


 The transformational journey is not easy, and the knowledge is your starting point. We will tell you everything about robots and how they are going to impact our life and business, provide you with the latest trends and insights, and show how your company can benefit from leveraging the power of Intelligent robots.

Ready solutions

 We have ready robots which can be put into action from day one. We also can customise products for you and develop unique solutions. 

If you have an idea and need to find suitable products , just contact us. We work with major robot manufactures and always be able to find best solutions for you. We are your №1 choice when it comes to commercial service robots. 

Creating and optimising 

We create new services or optimise existing ones. We will identify your customer needs and find a robotic solution that will enrich the customer experience, open new markets, and give you considerable edge on the competition.

Tech Vision 2020, Accenture

"Across 21 industries surveyed, 61% of executives expect their organizations will use robotics in uncontrolled environments within the next two years." 


Contact us
Contact us

If you would like to chat more about how robots can benefit your business, please let us know


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Tel: +4672 305 9116

Föreningsgatan 217

26151 Landskrona, Sweden

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