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Build Your Skillset with Robotics Courses

It’s an exciting time in the world of robotics, and we want every business to be on the same page. 


That’s why we work with experts to deliver valuable robotics courses on the future of AI, emerging technologies and so much more.


We deliver courses to universities and business schools, but also within businesses looking to evolve.   


Tech driven innovation is showing no signs of stopping, and we’re keen on predicting future scenarios, and making sure the technological takeover involves as many industries as possible. 


Course Program

Learn More About AI

Keep up with the latest developments in artificial intelligence, robotics and machine learning. Stay in the know so that your business can meet market demands. 

Service Robots

Typically designed to take over repetitive tasks or replace humans in harsh working environments, learn exactly how service robots can streamline your business. 

Social Robots

Social robots have the power to communicate with humans and transform many industries. From analyzing human behavior to deciphering facial expressions, discover what social robots can do for your business. 

Process Optimization

Aid the digital transformation of your business by tracking processes and optimizing operations  - all using new technology. 

Case Studies by Industry

Together with students, we co-create user cases and share ideas on how robots and other technologies are redefining the way we work. 

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