• Elena Sjödin

Our world in 2030

Our world in 2030

In the next eight years, we are about to witness fundamental changes in the way we move, transport goods, and live.

Those changes will impact most sectors, from retail to logistics, banking, real estate, hospitality, insurance, and beyond.

The transformation will be happening at an unprecedented speed.

We will phase out fossil-fuel-powered vehicles and shift to sustainable fuels;

the automotive future will be electric.

Autonomous Mobility will cover all modes of existing transport and create new ones.

Drones will transform the logistical and supply chain industry by transporting heavy cargo from previously inaccessible destinations or delivering your orders in no time.

Autonomous and connected vehicles will change urban landscapes and provide safe and convenient transportation, with on-demand services and efficient operations.

Passenger air taxis offer opportunities to commute between the cities and even countries without relying on commercial airlines.

Mobility-as-a-service concepts will free our streets from parking spaces and make us move away from owning cars to using on-demand services.

Our current transportation and logistic system will be replaced by an intelligent, data-enabled, and consumer-centric ecosystem, providing endless opportunities for new business and service models.

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