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Creating the link between robots and humans

Robot Minds is a leading provider of cutting-edge Robot-as-a-Service (RaaS) solutions. Our team of experts combines the latest technologies with years of experience to deliver customized, innovative, and efficient solutions to help businesses stay ahead of the competition.


With our RaaS offerings, you can access a wide range of advanced robots and technology without worrying about the costs and complexities associated with purchasing, deploying, and maintaining them. Our solution enables you to streamline your operations, increase productivity, and improve the quality of your products and services.


Our team of experts provides ongoing support and maintenance, ensuring that your robots are always working at peak performance.



Today's reality

 We have entered a new decade, a new era, a new age of technology, a fourth industrial revolution.

Robots move beyond the walls of production and warehouse facilities, they move straight to our everyday life.


Intelligent robots will transform every industry on the planet, from security to retail, healthcare and beyond. 

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 Intelligent robots offer a path to push the digital world out into the physical one creating a great variety of opportunities and allow companies to scale and transform in remarkable ways.


The implementation of smart robots will be the primary driver for companies' growth and success.


Awareness of the latest developments in intelligent robotics and understanding impacts on the organization will be crucial for business leaders.

Our story

We combine top-class technical competence with years of business practice to help companies embrace robotic technology with confidence. 

Whether you are searching for a solution for retail, education, healthcare, or reception, we are here to help you.

If you never considered robotics for your business, now it is the right time to jump aboard.

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We deliver courses on Robotics, AI, Innovations, and Change management to Universities and Business schools.


We work with leading experts and educate on how emerging technologies transform our life and business, what are the future scenarios, and why tech-driven innovation is crucial for the company's success.


Together with students, we co-create user cases and share ideas on how robots and other technologies redefine various industries.



We help public and private organisations to steer the transformation and embrace emerging technologies.

We provide information on the latest trends and insightsand show the benefits of leveraging intelligent robotics.

During workshops led by professional facilitators, participants create a vision and ideas for applying emerging tech in their organisation. 

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Pilot projects

Our pilot project provides companies with excellent opportunity to test and experiment with exponential technology at a fraction of the cost.

We designed pilot projects as small-scale projects to allow companies to test robots and discover their potential.


Pilot projects help analyse the effect on the organisation and clients, mitigate all the possible risks before broader implementation, and often identify new ways of serving customers.

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Robot as a Service

Our Robots as a Service solution allows businesses to integrate state-of-the-art service and social robots into their operations, freeing up valuable time and resources and allowing them to focus on what matters.


Whether you're looking to automate tedious tasks, streamline your customer service, or improve the overall efficiency of your operations, our Robots as a Service solution has you covered.

We always aim to create a long-term value for our clients and support every step of the process, from concept creation to technology evaluation, programming, testing, and after sales support.  

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ChatGPT can be a game-changer in the world of service and social robots; by integrating ChatGPT, we can create more human-centered, intuitive, and practical robotic solutions that can help enhance our lives in many ways.


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